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What Is Subdomain Hosting

What is Subdomain Hosting?

When we enter www.wipetheslate.com in to the addressbar of the web browser to see this site, we are employing what is often called a 'subdomain'.

You might also hear this referred to as a "canonical", and some people prefer to use the phrase "3rd level domain" (the reasoning behind this is that ".com" is the first-level domain, "wipetheslate" is the second level, and "www" is consequently the third).

Several nations, such as the Uk, get top level domains comprising 2 "elements", i.e..: ".net.uk" or ".co.uk".

The domain address "yoursite.co.uk" is consequently a "true" domain address, and in no way a subdomain of "co.uk"! (In this case, "marketing.yoursite.co.uk" would have been a subdomain.)

Subdomains as Device Names

Subdomains are occasionally employed to distinguish specific computer systems, every one getting an IP address of their own. If that's the case, the phrase "machine name" might be used as opposed to "subdomain".

A business might have 2 web servers known as "marketing.ourfirm.com" and "sales.ourfirm.com", for instance. The 2 computers might support distinct business units, and include unique data.

Subdomains for Web Hosting

In most instances, though, subdomains are merely utilized to manage data on a web site. An internet store might use the subdomains "publications.ourstore.com", "music.ourstore.com", and so on., to keep relevant data in the same place.

A great illustration of a website that utilizes subdomains for this reason is About.com. Should you go to their website, you will see that they used various subdomains for the many subjects that they deal with (e.g., "collectibles.about.com" and "cars.about.com").

Obviously, they were able to use subdirectories as an alternative ("about.com/collectibles/"), though the utilization of subdomains makes it simple for About.com to transfer a subject to a specialized server if it happens to be really in demand.  

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